IPv6 Routing : OSPF Example

I'm using a basic configuration with single loopback on each or R1 and R2.  R1 is configured using global prefix and R2 is using auto-config with no default... IPv6 OSPF OSPFv3 for IPv6 but added IPv4 address families in 2010. Traditional OSPFv3 (only IPv6) or OSPFv3 with AF (IPv4 families too). FF02::5 (All SPF Routers) and … Continue reading IPv6 Routing : OSPF Example

Study Notes : OSPF iSPF and Graceful Modes

iSPFIncremental SPF is a feature that can be enabled on a complete area or a single router, and will allow the device to perform a partial SPF calculation on the area of the SPF affected by the LSA received.  This is configured (with no arguments): A partial update should be initiated by changes to LSA … Continue reading Study Notes : OSPF iSPF and Graceful Modes