CCIE Evolving Section 1.1

The CCIE has changed a couple of its approaches over the last couple of years…

  1.  The are now including an evolving technology section to all tracks.
  2. The evolving section can change independently of the CCIE track

This is Cisco’s party and we’re dancing to its tune,  but i think this is a positive thing.  The evolving section shows a change to the world of networking and security, requiring candidates to have an appreciation of Cloud, SDN and IoT as they will play a part in our futures.

Along with other certifications, the blueprints represent what Cisco want people to know as a minimum.  This might be a technological, or sales bias but regardless, it doesn’t make sense they include objectives they aren’t actively trying to implement or sell!

Nick Russo has updated his guide to v1.1, and while free I’ve slipped the guy the cost of an equivalent book for the help and i recommend if you get value then consider it too!


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