Routing Notes: ODR

My CCIE basic notes are: On-Demand Routing is a Cisco propriety way of propagating routes.  The comparison for me is RIP in that its timer driven, but has fewer features and the ones it has are about manipulating routers, timers and metrics (much like RIP).  The purpose is to propagate routes from a hub/s to … Continue reading Routing Notes: ODR

Cisco Simple EEM Script

Cisco Event manager uses detectors to trigger actions. Detectors can be: Gold Events, Hardware OIR, SNMP, Syslog, Counters, Timers, CLi input, Routing changes, IP SLA/Netflow etc.  (think almost everything bar using itself as a monitor) Actions can be: Generate New Syslogs, Reloading, SSO, SNMP traps, Modify counter, executing CLI commands, send email, requesting sys info. … Continue reading Cisco Simple EEM Script

Cisco OTV Notes

OTV is mentioned in passing on the CCIE blueprint, so its worth knowing the basics. These are my notes which barely scratch the surface, and there are whole courses on understanding it! ... OTV Layer 2 VPN encapsulated as IPv4 packets. Used as a Scalable Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) Thought to be needed for vMotion. … Continue reading Cisco OTV Notes